Hey, sweeties~ I’ve come by very quickly just to ask for a lil bit of patience with me since I’m busy now with exams and everything….but I won’t take too long to update I promise. Much love

  "yes! yes! yes! you neeeed to write a part two to "so I heard your a player" it is tooo amazing not to. if you don't I'll probably die! but yeaaa.. this scenario was AMAZBEANS!!! ily."

Aw, you’re all too sweet! Thank you! <3

  "OMFG!! just read "so I heard your a player" scenario and it is AMAZBALLS! I was just wondering if your starting to write part two yet? cause I'm dying to read it. It was just a masterpiece.😌"

Aw i’m so happy you liked it! I have a small drabble of it but i have yet to start writing it. Ahhhh, masterpiece? Nooo it’s not to that extent, haha. But thank you for reading it. I hope you enjoy the chapters to come. Much love <3

so i heard you’re a player. (pt.1)

okay so i promised i’d post this yesterday but i had a slight change of events so i had to postpone it to today; this is an idea i’ve had for a while, based on a picture i found a while ago and a request from a cutie who’s waited too long; this one will be chaptered and i’m not sure how many i’ll do, i guess it’ll depend on the feedback you guys give me, so please feel free to say what you think, good or bad! i really hope you enjoy it, much love. 

luhan/reader, 2173 words, requested by fortheloveofgodfrey

‘’Since you’re such a player, how about we play a game?’’

He leans closer on the table, and I naturally lean back. He chuckles.


‘’Let’s sweet talk, play fight and talk 24/7. Let’s give each other nicknames, go on dates, hang out with each others friends and walk home together. Let’s hold each others hands, hug and maybe even kiss. And whoever falls in love first, loses.’’

He leans back, crosses his arms and smirks.

‘’You’re on.’’

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new scenario coming up tomorrow, please anticipate it, cuties~ 

  "ANNYEONG! I was wondering if you are able to do a break-up scenario of Luhan?? thank-you :)"

I just posted it, hope you like it! ^^

cliches of a farewell.

hey guys, once again i’m apologizing for being so slow with my writings. the thing is that school takes up so much of my time with homework, studying, reading that sometimes i just can’t find the right inspiration. anyways, here’s a slightly angst break-up with lulu. i’m not quite confident about the ending but i hope you guys like it.

luhan/reader, 929 words, requested by anon.

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  "Can I request for a Lay scenario where you're feeling stressed, worthless, insecure and depressed but you don't even know why and you even thought about hurting yourself. Because I'm feeling that way these days and idk why. And thanks if you accept this request!"

I’ve posted it just now, sorry for the wait. Please feel better, sweetheart. If you ever need someone to talk to, i’m here. xoxo.


hey guys, i’m sorry for not posting anything lately, just school+life has been very consuming and stressful, i’ll try my best to update tho; i hope you enjoy this short one. trigger warning, much trigger warning.  xoxo.

lay/reader, requested by anon. 

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Update on the Scenario Steal-er Situation.

 So it seems that getting her account deleted isn’t stopping her. she seems even more determined to continue stealing scenarios. 

When people asked her about the stealing, she curses at the scenarios’ proper owners. Also, her followers are sticking to her and telling us (the true owners of the scenarios) that we should be PROUD that she STOLE them from us. WTF.

Can we do something about this? I don’t think she or her followers are going to stop any time soon.


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